St. Marks Episcopal Church
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Living Our Faith

At St. Mark’s, Living our Faith comes in many forms, from single-day events to long-term commitments. Some of St. Mark’s mission projects are purely local in nature, while others support national and international efforts. Some missions focus on "in-reach" activities like caring for sick parishioners, while others provide "outreach" services to anyone in need.

The Episcopal Church calls all of us to be ministers since "ministry" simply means "to serve." We see ministry not as a vocation, but as a lifestyle, which can be pursued by anyone at any age. Because we hear the call to servanthood, we try to help the poor, the afflicted, the oppressed, and the marginalized; to respect the dignity of all people. We are called to challenge unjust attitudes and systems; to celebrate diversity in human personality, culture, and contribution; to share resources and talents with each other; to love all people without discrimination or conditions.

St. Mark’s missions reflect our desire to live out our faith in the world, and we want you to join us! Regardless of your age, background or abilities, you can find a way to get involved in one or more of our parish programs.

Missions at Home Missions in the US Missions Abroad

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